Icom Earpieces – Show Them Some I.D or You’ll Have to Leave

Come back with me to a point in my existence when I still had not gotten my act together…

At age 20, I was disheveled haired, absent minded and addicted to rock n roll in a large way (waitaminute – I’m still unkempt haired, absent minded and into rock n roll in a huge way…). I used to be courting a pole dancer, singing within a grotty band and telling anybody who would pay attention that I wanted to get out of the crappy little township and really make something of my life. I assume, in some respects I was a little like George Bailey of Bedford Falls, (if George Bailey was kind of a dick and made a point of claiming the ‘F’ word in every 2nd sentence…)

To make ends meet, while I waited in frustration for George Carlin to turn up in his time travelling phone box and help me usher in an era of global concord, I worked at a couple of positions. Particularly, one evening a week, I used to be employed as a Youth Worker.

To my shock, I discovered the job to be really fun, as well as very gratifying. Since I was a guru in all things media (and a Uni Certificate to show it), I started a project that may teach the youngsters all about film making, music and the press in general.

Amongst my best pupils was a rather worried boy and a hard stare and a ‘brick sh!thouse’ size. When I was not pulling him off numerous youths who may or might not have mouthed off his sibling, we got along pretty well. After I left the job a few years later, we in fact became firm friends. He has too become mainly close to my brother (who was also a Youth Worker for a period) and my mom and dad.

With no hint of sarcasm, viewing this challenging, conflicted boy grow up to be a polite, hard working man is both an honour and a privilege. Though, he floundered for a long time as he searched for work. It just appeared that there was not anything he was able to use themself to.

Then, unexpectedly, he discovered his trade. My friend is a fully certified bouncer, working the door in a variety of pubs, clubs, venues and bars.

In order to communicate quickly without causing too much of fuss, bouncers like my pal often use Icom Earpieces. These earphones come in numerous forms, with 2-pin, multi pin, straight pin and high angled forms all catered for. You can also find an Icom earpiece for nearly any type of Icom radio conceivable.

There is no fuss, as the earpieces can be operated simply and prudently and, being reinforced with Kevlar, they’re every bit as hard wearing as the two-way radios they work with.

Icom has been building in quality 2 way radio equipment since 1954, so that they know what they are doing and the way to make customers happy whilst doing it. Icom Earpieces are sturdy, reliable and high spec, so it is no wonder that so many in the safety industry choose to wear them.

As for my friend, it seems like he has got himself on course; he’s found a job that he is good for also as one which is good for him. I might have made my share of mistakes in the past, but I was certainly right about 1 or 2 things.

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