Motorola DP2400 is Currently Available from 2 Way Radio Online

The High Class Digital Two way radio will Replace the Motorola dp3400 that is Scheduled to get Discontinued Later on this Year

2 Way Radio Online, one among the UK’s best resources for 2 way radios and walkie talkies, has just added the Dp2400 to its range. The Motorola digital radio will replace the Motorola dp3400 model, which will probably be discontinued at the end of 2013. 

Over the years, 2 Way Radio Online has developed a deserved repute among its clientele for owning a wide selection of high-quality 2 way radios and other radio accessories, all at exceptionally reasonable prices. The company prides itself in its top notch customer support along with outstanding inventory of radios. By adding the Motorola DP2400 to its team of radios, 2 Way Radio Online helps to ensure that its customers have access to the foremost present and state-of-the-art two way radios which are existing. From security personnel who really need to be in contact with each other at shopping centres and parks to event planners and live concert promoters, there are all kinds of people that need to possess a top-quality 2-way radios so they can do their work as effectively as possible. 

In addition to being lighter than earlier models, the Motorola DP2400 is built for improved digital communications. It can work in both analogue and on a digital system, and it incorporates the robust design for which Motorola is well-known. 

A description of that Motorola DP2400 that is featured within the site refers back to the radio as being packed using the “greatest features in its catagory.” With its forty percent extended battery life and audio that’s second to no other radio, the Motorola DP2400 is an excellent radio, the product information noted, adding that like other Motorola 2 way radios, it’s flexible to all conditions and environments. 

“With this 2 way radio you can migrate your communications from analogue to digital at a financially viable pace, no need to buy all of the equipment at once, this 2 way radio will integrate with both analogue and digital infrastructures at once.” 

Anybody who would like to learn more regarding the Motorola DP2400 or 2 Way Radio Online is welcome to go to the company’s user-friendly web site at any time; there, they could flick through their vast selection of merchandise. Each product comprises of an in-depth explanation, as well as the features, pictures, and pricing information. are a fledgling 2 way radio company selling radios and walkie talkies to commerce and end users across the United kingdom. The company has over thirty years of experience and offers some of the unsurpassed deals throughout the United kingdom. For more information, please go to

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